Thursday, August 20, 2009

Menu planning

Tomorrow is an exciting day for us as we have an appointment at the Boston Harbor Hotel for a tasting. This involves having bites of appetizers, salads, entrees, and of course wedding cake! And a few glassess of red and white wine to wash it all down. Once we select the menu I can send it off to be printed up for our guests who will select their entree on the wedding night. I think the cake is the hardest part to choose as they presented me with various options for cake flavors, fillings, and frostings, which can be combined in a number of ways. We both love yellow cake with chocolate frosting and so one of our combinations to taste (I had to put a few together to submit in advance) is vanilla cake layered with fresh strawberries topped with a milk chocolate ganache. I know that wedding cake with chocolate frosting isn't exactly traditional, but the idea is growing on me. And anyone who knows N knows he doesn't like to conform, and for my part, I just want the cake to taste delicious! Needless to say we are both looking forward to a fun evening tomorrow!

Cookies for Joe

When I was purchasing every last one of the wedding ring 44 cent stamps at the West Medford post office the other day I inquired about having my invitations hand cancelled on the advice of Bridesmaid F. Postman Joe didn't seem too excited about it at first, but then I offered up some of my homemade chocolate chip cookies as an incentive. He nodded happily and so I went home in the 90 degree heat and baked a batch of cookies for Joe. Of course I made a few for N too. He wouldn't let me give them all away!
Today I made it to the post office just in time before closing to drop off my invitations and have them sent off.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Emici Bridal update

Sadly the lovely yellow silk pomanders were sold out and to get new custom ones made was going to cost $45/each! (Modern Bride should know that the $15 price tag was false advertising!)So, I called upon my mom who is very crafty and she's up for the challenge. She glanced at the photo and accurately identified the silk blooms and french wired-edge ombre ribbon. In an instant she had ideas and is going to make a couple of mock ups for us to decide which we like best. For my part I ordered some wreath stands from Save-on-crafts so that we can display the floral beauties along the aisle during our ceremony. Can't wait to see her designs!

Candy table favor

Today I also snagged some glass apothecary jars, small and large glass jars, and 5 oz. metal scoops for our candy table favor buffet. Save-on-crafts is a great site to pick up such things and also has links for DIY brides. Project Wedding has a Candy Table 101 section that also gave me some fun ideas and links for supplies. I'm going to pick out navy, yellow, and white candy to display from the Candy Warehouse and leave either favor bags or boxes for our guests to fill up and take away. I'm sure there will be plenty of late night snacking on all the sweet treats!

Snow Train!

Just purchased this cute poster which will be placed into a frame over a sheet of metal so that our escort cards can be displayed on it with cute handmade ski magnets! The magnet project supplies have been ordered and include mini Sno-Skis from Moose-R-Us (same ones we're planning on using for the boutonnieres), craft glue, and sheets of adhesive magnetic backing. I'm also going to add navy and yellow ribbon which I will pick up at the Paper Source so it matches the ribbon I'm using for our table tents and other items.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Boston Maps

Fun BOSTON poster from Ork. My wedding planner Sarah blogged about these fun city posters a while back and when I was contemplating maps of Boston they came to mind. While they make a great decoration in an urban home I don't think they are very helpful to refer to for directions.
So, I kept looking, and I found FREE online maps at and at the website for the Freedom Trail I downloaded and saved the PDF files for printing and including in the welcome bags for our hotel guests. Hopefully the weather in October will be perfect for exploring the city on foot.

Emici Bridal

Gorgeous silk flower pomander featured in current Modern Bride Aug/Sept issue. I contacted Emici Bridal to check on cost (listed as $15 in MB article). I think these would be perfect to hang on the chairs of a few rows to line the aisle of our wedding ceremony (3 on one side, 3 on the other side). I have been pondering how to designate the aisle for quite some time and may have finally found what I am looking for. I think the silk flowers are a great idea, cheaper than the real thing, and then we can carry the look down the aisle and try to use a few similar looking blooms as part of the two boquets that will be displaced on pillars to mark the area where N and I and our bridal party will stand.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our ski themed logo

This cute logo is printed on our envelope liners and across the top of the escort cards. I think I'd also like to use it on the tags for our candy table favors. Maybe printed on paper tags with a sweet message or possibly on stickers that can be used to hold paper bags shut...hmmm...back to PS again tomorrow I think.
Amazingly, my lack of sleep today has led me to a few new ideas!

PS Colorscope

This caught my eye behind the cash wrap at the Paper Source today. Fun!

Table tents

A trip to the Paper Source today in my post call haze yielded cute table tents. These were super easy to assemble with some double-sided tape, hole punch, ribbon, and yes, Orthopaedic scissors. I'm going to send them off to Betsy who will adorn them with the names of our favorite ski resorts in her beautiful calligraphy.