Thursday, August 20, 2009

Menu planning

Tomorrow is an exciting day for us as we have an appointment at the Boston Harbor Hotel for a tasting. This involves having bites of appetizers, salads, entrees, and of course wedding cake! And a few glassess of red and white wine to wash it all down. Once we select the menu I can send it off to be printed up for our guests who will select their entree on the wedding night. I think the cake is the hardest part to choose as they presented me with various options for cake flavors, fillings, and frostings, which can be combined in a number of ways. We both love yellow cake with chocolate frosting and so one of our combinations to taste (I had to put a few together to submit in advance) is vanilla cake layered with fresh strawberries topped with a milk chocolate ganache. I know that wedding cake with chocolate frosting isn't exactly traditional, but the idea is growing on me. And anyone who knows N knows he doesn't like to conform, and for my part, I just want the cake to taste delicious! Needless to say we are both looking forward to a fun evening tomorrow!

Cookies for Joe

When I was purchasing every last one of the wedding ring 44 cent stamps at the West Medford post office the other day I inquired about having my invitations hand cancelled on the advice of Bridesmaid F. Postman Joe didn't seem too excited about it at first, but then I offered up some of my homemade chocolate chip cookies as an incentive. He nodded happily and so I went home in the 90 degree heat and baked a batch of cookies for Joe. Of course I made a few for N too. He wouldn't let me give them all away!
Today I made it to the post office just in time before closing to drop off my invitations and have them sent off.