Thursday, April 2, 2009

True Event

Next on the list was the wedding planner. Lucky for me a woman my mom works with daughter's friend is the lovely and talented Sarah True. We met and it was like we had known eachother for years! I'm thrilled to be working with Sarah on all the details of my big day!!!

A place indeed

Once we were finally engaged the first thing on my "To Do" list was to secure a date and a site for the ceremony and reception. On a free weekend (hard to come by sometimes) I hit up various hotels with my fiance N in tow. I fell in love with the Boston Harbor Hotel, and if you visit their site you'll see why.


Backtracking a bit...

After 9 years (I know, a loooong time!) of dating, my boyfriend finally proposed! Of course I was post-call and in a post-Christmas daze when it happened. But, he managed to lure me out of our cozy 2BR apartment for a walk in the Fells. From Wright's tower he showed me Tufts University (where we met,) Boston (where we first lived together as a couple,) and said some other lovely things, which were all a blur as I knew what was coming next.
As we happily trekked back down the trail my mind was already filling with ideas, and wondering if I could pull together a fabulous wedding in 10 months.

The story begins

Admist planning my October 2009 wedding I have become somewhat addicted to blogs, and decided it's time to start my own. Though this will start with the story of my engagement and plenty of details about planning my wedding, I think it will end up as much more.