Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bridal bootcamp?

Procrastinating is easy. The interweb provides hours upon hours of information. Recently I came across an article about engaged women going to extremes to get in shape for their big day. I wonder what they look like 1 year later? 5 years later? Hmm... Now, I know I am not in as good shape as I was back in college when I was rowing year round and alpine skiing/racing, but residency doesn't provide a lifestyle that allows for that. But, with the coming of spring and hopes of warmer weather for outdoor recreation, I am going to committ to fitness again. And not just for the big day, for life! My first act, a warm up row on my Concept2 followed by a 3.5 mile run. I feel great!

Mini skis are here!

The miniature snow skis arrived today from Moose-R-Us. They are so cute! And so cheap, the total cost for 7 sets with shipping was a mere $26.00. Now I need to make a trip to A.C. Moore for yellow and navy ribbon and pins. Guess I should also grab a glue gun. For the ribbon I was thinking of using yellow for the groom and navy for the groomsmen. Good idea? Well, I can't wait to put them together with Bridesmaid F's help. How lucky am I to have a DIY diva for a sister-in-law? Another thought I had was that it may be fun to incorporate a small bloom into the boutonnieres. Maybe yellow? or white? We'll see what Kelly thinks when we get together to talk flowers later this week. It's the little details that make this process fun!