Thursday, June 4, 2009

Neverending "To Do" list

Currently on the "To Do" list:
1. Select ceremony music. I've got a PDF from Michael Reavey of the music in their repetoire, but other than knowing I want the Pachelbel Canon in D to play as a walk down the aisle, I am unsure of music selections for seating of the grandparents and parents, procession of the wedding party, and the recessional. I'm leaning toward a modern selection for the recessional that the DJ can pick up, creating a smooth transition to cocktail hour. N doesn't want me to tell anyone so he can see if anyone notices!

2. Meet with the officiant to discuss ceremony outline and vows. We've had an initial consultation with Edi and I've set up a meeting for 6/27 to start the process. Check.

3. Groom and groomsmen attire options (so far):
J. Crew white dress shirt and silk navy tie to match bridesmaids' dresses

Land's End suit-nice shade, khaki/oatmeal heather with white shirt and navy tie

Banana Republic suit-possibly khaki or this silvery gray hue with a white shirt and navy tie.
J. Crew suit- nice warm khaki hue with white shirt and navy tie of course
N is really against the rented tux look with the shiny shoes, and I am just happy that he is so passionate about some part of the wedding details. I think the groomsmen will all look very smart in new suits, and then after the wedding they will be a welcome addition to any wardrobe!
4. Rehearsal dinner. N's parents are looking into some options around the city of Boston and have come up with some preliminary ideas. Check.
5. Finish off bridesmaid's gifts. I don't want to ruin the surprise, but I think I have come up with a nice gift set for each of my girls to include a custom clutch from a designer I found on Etsy filled with lipgloss, nailpolish, purse-sized perfume spray (I'm going to select different scents for each of the girls based on their very different styles and personalities), and a pashmina wrap. Check.
6. Book alternate hotel rooms (read: cheaper option) and put together concept for welcome bags. This should take high priority since I need to block off some rooms ASAP! Maybe I'll put N on the job, he's always good at finding a deal! For the welcome bags I think I am going to turn to bridesmaid F for inspiration. She's the most creative/crafty girl I know!
The list certainly goes on, but I think that's enough tasks for me to focus on for the weekend and week ahead!

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