Monday, September 7, 2009

7 weeks...

After spending a lovely weekend celebrating with F and S it's now time to get back to work on our wedding. Today I started by buying up candy for our favor table in our wedding colors: vanilla salt water taffy, yellow, white, and navy M&M's, lemon heads, blue raspberry gummi rings, lemon yellow gummi bears, coconut and pineapple jelly beans, blue raspberry Tootsie pops, and yogurt covered pretzels. Then I picked up a bunch of cellophane bags for the guests to fill up with the treats. And to top it all off I designed a sticker at Zazzle to seal the bags to take home.
I've got quite a bit on the "To Do" list, but I think I need to to take a break and run off those delicious wedding cupcakes from the fs affair!

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