Sunday, April 19, 2009

Escort card/favor idea

I was contemplating combining the escort card with a favor and came up with the following idea. After skiing many people enjoy mulled wine, cider, or cocoa. So, I was thinking of attaching the escort cards to a bottle of wine packaged with mulling spices. The Spice Barn sells pre-mixed mulling spices in a variety of quantities, and for a reasonable price. The wine used for mulling is supposed to be a cheap red varietal, but the tricky part is finding a large number of half-bottles or full bottles (1 per couple) of cheap wine that doesn't look cheap...The local wine shop my mother frequents is showing this bottle of Sonoma Vendange Cabernet on their website for 12 bottles for $35.88 ($2.99/bottle). Definite possibility. In the meantime I am going to brainstorm other ideas for my escort card/favor that fit with our subtle ski theme.

1 comment:

  1. Good idea!
    Some others:
    Cafe du Monde makes boxes of bignet mix that are yellowish,

    Escort cards that are magnets made of the mini skis with a hang tag on them with the couple's name (that's easily removable). You could display them at the entrance on a some kind of metal thing covered with a ski map. That company may be able to give a bulk discount on more skis. Or you could alternate mini skis with mini snowshoes. Maybe tie some with blue & some with yellow ribbon.

    I'll be in withdrawal by the time final escort cards come around for you so I'll be on board to help make them!